Friday, 20 June 2014

The Unseen Writer

Boy, I haven't been around much lately, despite the fact that I said I was planning to give more attention to the blog. Truth be told, one of the downfalls of being a writer is that when you begin a project, it's often very consuming.

I've recently started a new manuscript that is taking me into the pits of emotion. For me, the way is to become one, or all of the characters as the story demands. This new project is such a thing. Actually, to call it a new project is a bit wrong. I started this one back in 2009, and have gone through a few different approaches to get it going. Should it be a screenplay? Should it be a novel? I've started and stopped this project more than a few times, and am recently in a START phase.

The story starts in the month of November, so I have to get into the November mood. Not easy to do in June, but it's my job to find a way. I have a few main characters that are draining the life out of me. If you read my last story, Fade to Black, here on the blog, you can see the places I had to go to invest in each of the characters, to be each one of them at different places in time. The new story is different because it takes place in a completely real, normal world, and demands of me the task of stripping away anything that would give the characters excuses not to deal with their problems.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I don't want to stop this project again.  I want to give it my attention in a manner it deserves.  Once it's ready, you'll understand these stops and starts, because it's actually part of the "rehearsal" to bring the characters to life.  But the rehearsal's over, and I have to commit.

I'm sure you've heard of actors who disappear into their characters for the duration of a shoot; they remain in character even after hours, in order that they can explore how he or she would be reacted to in the real world. Maybe that's how I approach writing. Maybe I'm a "method-writer." If my characters, my babies, are angry, I have to get angry to realise them. If they are happy - well, I don't do happy as well as others. I have  my moments, but my general temperature is usually more in the darker vein.

An actor who does this has but one character to become. I have at least half a dozen per project, and it pulls me in all kinds of directions! Ack!

Anyway, I'm going to try and un-fail this business of the keeping the blog current. I think that's also part of the story.

Thanks for dropping by to read my posts. I'm very glad you're reading FTB and are coming back for more. I appreciate your interest.