Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Spark Of Life

So, it's still winter here.  As I step outside, there are piles of snow some five feet deep all around me.
That which is starting to melt in the daytime quickly turns to ice as the sun sets, and I fear for my life with every step I take.

The other day, I was driving from somewhere to somewhere, my face blank with depression, my joints aching from all the cold, and my poor car begging me to make the cold weather stop!

In an effort to keep myself from blowing my own head off from the nastiness that is the season, I forced myself to click on the radio.  As the current song stopped, the next one up was The Beatles playing I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

As God is my witness, my soul came to life as if someone had hit me with the paddles!  It could have been any song that played, but it just so happened to be the one song I desperately needed.  I sang along at the top of my lungs.

I can't hide!  I can't hide!  I can't HIIIIIIIIDE!!  Tears ran down my face and when I wasn't singing, I was choking up!

Music rules the world, and there is absolutely nothing like a Beatles song to fix your blues and bring you out of the doldrums!

Can you NOT join in and sing?  Double dog dare ya!

Thanks to the Four Lads from Liverpool for giving me exactly what I needed at that moment in time!

Oh yeah, my car enjoyed it, too.  She's a big Beatles fan!  Spring will be here soon.  Now, I have hope.

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