Friday, 14 March 2014

A New Look

Welcome to the new look of ElmoWorx.  Since I'm serious this time about shutting down my website, I've removed some content from here if it linked to the GoDaddy site.  I'm moving stuff over, but if I end up losing some content in the move, I won't worry.  I lost so much material simply by using GD that I have no attachment to most of whatever made it to the page.

What can you look forward to seeing here from now on?  Well, I am going to work on the existing areas: interviews and reviews, movies, as well as adding some new area.  I'm looking forward to starting a topic called ANNIVERSARY LANE.  This is where I will be going back into the past to recall my personal memories from events that meant a lot to me.  Tastes change, so I'm not always going to be into the things I once was, but the point is to recall the events from the vantage point of how I felt at the time the event occurred.  I think this is going to be a fun topic!

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