Monday, 6 May 2013

Can You Be A Kick-Starter?

David Crossman, author of the popular "Bean & Ab Mysteries", is about to undertake a very exciting project.  His novel, "Secret of the Missing Grave, is destined for the silver screen, as he and his team of professionals bring the story to life!

When I first heard the details of the project, what I really liked was the fact that they specified it wasn't going to be all pumped up with effects and computer generated monsters.  I've always thought that modern movies rely too much on technology and not enough on story.  Crossman and Crew are hoping to change that with a movie that is about characters, friendship, and facing fear together; in stories that appeal to young people, this is far more important than dazzling the eye with lots of shiny things and bling that end up doing nothing for the heart.  I think people would love a good, scary mystery that works the mind and keeps them on the edges of their seats!

Here's what Crossman has to say about the project:

"So, it's 1920 and a guy named Walt Disney comes to you and says: 'How'd you like to invest in an animated mouse?' Well, I'm looking for the kind of person who would have answered with a resounding 'Absolutely!'

"I hope that some time over the last decade or so you've taken the opportunity to read at least one of the books in my Bean and Ab adventure series for young adults. We have, just this minute, launched, via KickStarter, an effort to raise funding for the production of a full-length feature film.  First on our list, The Secret of the Missing Grave, is something we hope to get into production in the summer of 2014."

KickStarter is a web based venture that allows creative possibilities to reach you and me - the public.  We are the ones who know what we like in art, whether movies, music, books, or other creative fields.  But we usually have to take what's out there, without too much say.  KickStarter allows people to have a voice in the types of (in this case) movies that get made.  The idea is that we are invited to help these projects get off the ground by aiding in the funding.

Crossman asks:

"Please take a moment to review the particulars, which you will find at the link below, and, if you believe, as I do, that there is a need for exciting entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together, contribute whatever you can - from $1 to a million - to our production fund. We only have 60 days to raise the full amount, so pre-production can begin on schedule."

I ask everybody who reads this to take a look at the promo page for "The Secret of the Missing Grave", and to consider donating what you can to help get this worthy project off the ground.  Your kids will thank you for it, and that's thanks enough!

Pass the link on to your friends, post on Facebook and Twitter, MySpace, Twitless, TwitFace, YourSpace, OurSpace, TheirSpace, OuterSpace, etc., etc. and let's get things going!!

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