Thursday, 7 June 2012

Miscellaneous Bass Gear

Here are some of the various products in my bass gear collection.

Nothing fancy here. Standard tuner.

It attaches to the bass with a Planet Waves adapter - the kind with fancy compression springs that hold it in place.

You can read my report on Planet Waves compression spring jacks on Thunder Row.

I got my thumb-rests from Guy Lewis in the UK. I have two - one on the Soundgear and one on the Jet King. Though they are both ebony, the one on the Jet King has been painted white to fit the decor.  Highly recommended!

Again, nothing fancy here. Cheap, $20.00 metronome. Ticky-tocky, ticky-tocky.

I have quite a few cables - mostly just generic - but the two fancy-schmancy ones that I use all the time are the Core One Bullet Cable (above) and the Planet Waves (below). My Planet Waves is the one in my Thunder Row review HERE (Except mine has straight ends, as in the pic below).

The Bullet Cable is a coiled cable and I love this thing to death! My review of this one is also on Thunder Row.

I use Wedgie rubber picks. Good solid feel. I've tried thin nylon picks, but I don't like the cold, harsh sound they make.

I also have this little doo-dad whatchamacallit that you attach to the headstock. A place to store the Wedgies when not in use.

I use the Hercules Ultimate stand. It's pretty heavy duty.

This next one is a little gem called the Cable Caddy. You use it to hook your cable to your strap. It relieves the pressure from the cable jack so that the wires don't separate from bending.

You're supposed to link it up like in the first example (above), but since I usually play sitting down, and often don't wear a strap, I load the end that is supposed to go onto the strap onto the tail-pin instead. It serves exactly the same function. Instead of looping the end of the Cable Caddy over itself as in the picture above, you just loop the slotted opening over the tail-pin, exactly as if it was the end of a strap. The snap in the middle allows you to remove the cable and leave the tail-pin half attached to the bass for next time. This is a great little gadget. Works very well. Keeps the weight of the cable completely off the jack. Cost me about $3.00.

My strap is the Neo-Tech Mega Bass Strap. As I said before, I don't always wear a strap, but when I do, this is my baby. Very comfortable. Takes the weight of the instrument off your shoulders. As well, instead of having plastic rings or clips at the adjusting end (everything is sewn and woven in place), there is no risk of breaking the plastic clips that hold a lot of straps together.

To clean the strings, I use Bass Brites. Fantastic product. I did a feature on this product on Thunder Row. Check it out HERE.

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