Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Bass Babies


This is a student bass. In other words, if you were to sign up for lessons in your community, you might be given a Crescent bass to practice with.

Nicknamed "The Beast", she's a big, P-Bass styled 24-fretter, heavy and a bit uncomfortable to play. The Beast stands a good four feet tall from stem to stern.

I've done quite a bit of work on The Beast, smoothing down high frets, filing the rough edges of the frets, etc. This is the bass I do a lot of repair-practice on.

When I want to learn how to do something, The Beast generously sacrifices herself for the task. >:

I play this bass when I want a very heavy, grouchy sound.

The Beast is usually strung with D'Addario Chromes - Flatwound.

Ibanez Soundgear

Nicknamed "Patches", because of a slight flaw in the paint job between the pickup and the base of the neck, this is a great little bass. I like her more than The Beast because of the lightweight, compact size. Also, she only has 22 frets, and because the bridge is lower to the bottom of the bass, she's a good four inches shorter.

Because she wasn't very expensive, there were (as with The Beast) rough edges on the frets and some high spots on the fingerboard, but after I corrected them, this is a great axe. The cons are the crappy screws on the bridge and headstock, but the sound is good enough to make those secondary issues.

She has a deep, rich sound from the single pickup, and though only equipped with a tone and volume knob, the sound can vary quite a bit depending on where along the strings you play.

Space is everything with this bass.

Patches is strung with DR neon yellow strings.

Ibanez Jet King

My newest acquisition, she's been given the nickname, "Thunder Cloud." No adjustments have been necessary (so far), except to adjust the action a little more to my liking and to add the thumb rest.

Three J-style pups give Thunder Cloud a tremendous range of tonal possibilities.

Though also a 22-fretter, she's bigger and heavier than Patches, with the bridge a little higher on the body. All in all, approximately two inches taller than her Ibanez sibling.

Retro to the teeth. What a great axe! My only complaint - the very small upper horn means the strap fits too snugly against my neck. Minor issue, since I mostly play sitting down. If the strap gets too uncomfortable, I take it off.

Thunder Cloud is strung with DR neon strings - orange or green.

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