Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Amps


This is my headphone amp. You plug it into the bass, and then attach headphones to the jack on the unit.

It also has an input for your mp3 player so you can play along with your fave songs. This one is great for apartment dwellers. You don't disturb the neighbours, which helps to keep the lease in a state of good-standing, and you can move from place to place without worrying about cables or being leashed to a floor amp.


This is my floor amp. At only 75 watts, it wouldn't get me very far on stage, but in an apartment, it's more than enough. If I feel like playing loudly, it has a headphone jack, but once in awhile, I'll turn her up and take my chances.

Mostly, I do my loud playing in the early hours. Anything after supper is pushing it.

Also, I play with it in the kickback position. It puts the sound up into the air and keeps it from pounding through the floor.


This little 10 watt baby came with the Crescent bass. There's really nothing special about it. It's about a foot high and does the job when I want to play quietly or in a place where a bigger amp isn't practical.

It can't handle a lot of volume and tends to start buzzing and distorting if you try to put the boots to it, but it's a step up from the Amplug in that it puts the sound out in the air. There's always a difference between the sound through headphones and the sound on the open air.

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