Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Couple Of Great Reads


I'll read anything this man writes. He is, bar-none, my favourite author. I have a couple of extra faves of the faves in my Schechter collection.


This one is very special to me because it concerns Earle Nelson, a killer who actually passed through my own city of Winnipeg in 1927, and committed two murders while here. I've been to the house where one of the murders took place, been to the grave where one of the victims is buried, and been to the old gaol where Nelson was was finally hanged in 1928. As a Winnipeg local, I know the places that are spoken of in the book, the streets and the stores, and I'll tell you something: to stand outside the house where Emily Patterson was killed, and the building where Nelson was hanged is a chilling experience.

This is a link to the Winnipeg Police archives of the case.

A very intense read, to say the least. If each Schechter has a FEEL to it, this one is DIRTY. It seethes with the basest of the human mind.

I have this one as a hard copy book. In fact, I currently have ALL my Schechters as hard copies.


This is the account of Roland Molineux and his double - almost triple - use of poison in 1898. A highly detailed and intense investigative account of how two people met their end at the hands of this young, well-to-do son of a Civil War general. You dive head first into this turn-of-the-century courtroom story - a story so riveting that you almost forget it's NOT fiction. 

Get out your notebook - you'll want to get your own investigation going so by the time you get to court, you'll be ready to deal with the high-brow lawyers and their shrewd methods of getting to the truth! 

The feel of this book is SLIPPERY. Keep on your toes.

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