Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wii Games

Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean (also called Forever Blue) was the very first game I bought when I got my Wii.

When I was looking at video consoles, I had pretty much decided on the Wii right from the get-go. I had grown up on the Atari 2600 and so on, and the prospect of using another joystick or control pad didn't strike me as something I wanted to continue using. Went with the Wii for its new-fangled blue-tooth unit instead - henceforth to be called the Wii-mote.

Nuff said.

I finally shelled out for the console and got this game along with it. Boy, oh, boy, was I pleased. It's non competitive, non threatening; there are no monsters or traps. You swim and learn about fish. You can go on missions to find things and add them to your treasure collection, or you can just relax on the deck of your boat, the Gabbiano, and listen to the sounds of the sea.

Go inside the cabin of the Gabbiano and receive the emails from Oceanographic organisations that want to hire you to go on missions to take pictures or find artifacts.

The music is beautiful. There are almost no words to describe Hayley Westenra's singing as you swim the depths.

When you encounter fish you haven't "met" yet, you touch them to reveal their information. Each time you see them afterward, touch them again to reveal more new info! And you can feed them, or get the dolphins and whales to sing with your whistle.

Once you make friends with the dolphins or whales, you can teach them to do tricks and take them with you on dives.

There's a sunken pirate ship to explore, coral forests, caves, ancient ruins, lagoon shallows, marine life (penguins, dolphins, otters, birds) - all to enjoy at your leisure!

The game is all about relaxing and enjoying the sea.

If I had any complaints, it would be that the above-water graphics aren't very good. But like most players of this game, I say, "Who Cares?" Once you get underwater, you get the great graphics you need to make the experience all it should be!

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