Thursday, 8 December 2011

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Wii Music

This is an addictive little game for families to share. You can actually take rudimentary music lessons with it, play along to pre-arranged songs that you can unlock through game achievements, or compose your own tunes and have your onscreen characters play them for you on stage.

First of all, let me get this off my chest. I have never liked the idea of having to EARN the right to unlock game content that you've paid for. Once you buy a game, the entire body of content should be available for you, without all the farting around and hoop-jumping. What if you're not good enough at a game to unlock anything? Then you're stuck not being able to play it beyond Level One or however it's gauged. Or you're going online looking for cheat codes that unlock the content. I bought the game. Just give me the content, please. That doesn't necessarily apply to this game, which is relatively simple to play. That applies to all games people buy. Just quit screwing around and give me what I pay for. So there!

Okay, back to the game. I have two kits of plastic instruments - they can be used by all, but are sized for children. As an adult, you can skip them and just use the wii-mote and nunchuks as needed.

The first kit is called Wii Music Orchestra. The drumsticks are really cool - you do air-drums with them, and the sound made onscreen is based on the standard positioning of a real kit. They are great! The black handled thing on the right is a baton, because you can also be the conductor!

My other set is called Wii Music Concert. It's similar to the Orchestra kit, but has other goodies as well - Maracas and a mini guitar for the kiddies. The pom pom shakers are insane - they allow you to be the cheerleader. When you shake the pom poms, your character cheers and jumps about in support of the band. They're hysterical, if you know how to use them effectively. Heh, heh.

You create your band, give it a name, assign instruments. If you play solo, the other instruments are assigned to the computer. You choose venues, whether an elaborate concert hall or a bucolic grass meadow. You can make recordings of your songs and design album covers. Once saved, the videos are ready to be replayed at any time for friends and family.

I’m not going to give you the whole nine yards in terms of gameplay and such. If you want the detailed poop, check out this WII MUSIC REVIEW. Just a warning - a lot of people badmouth this game. Ignore them. It’s fun. You can even play the bass. YAY!

Anecdotal Larfs

The kids I've played this one with love it - not because of its alleged entry to the world of music, but because of the stupid things you can do with it. Of course, I’m an adult, and I holler with glee at the stupid things you can do with it!

If you want to be a prude, you can play the songs as they were meant to be played, or you open up a little and make it a real party of silliness. For example, (besides a completely out of control cheerleader) if you choose HAND CLAPS as your instrument, your onscreen character is assigned a rather huge set of exaggerated mitts. You know? The kind that could slap the freckles right off of Pippi Longstocking's face.

So, with hands like that, you ask yourself, “Why would anybody waste these meat hooks by clapping along in rhythm to the song? I think I’ll turn my character into a giant-handed slapping machine.”

But back to the normal.

Here is a YouTube video of somebody’s band - they’re doing The Loco-Motion. There are no lyrics, since the game knows only sounds and tones - instead, you get a kind of synthetic humming. Check out the hand-clapping guy. So straight forward, but also very cool. This is the game at its best.

I love this game - it’s corny and slightly this side of lame, but it can be a lot of fun if you go into it with the right spirit. Thinking outside the box really helps with this one.

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