Monday, 11 July 2011

Old Friends

As much as I love my yummy DR neon strings, I have a real weakness for flatwounds.

And among flatwounds, my faves are the D'Addario half-rounds. Roundwound on the inside and flatwound on the outside. The best of both worlds. All the deep rumble of a full flatwound, with some extra bite, as with regular roundwounds.

I use the light gauge, but would love to try the super lights. You can really drop the action on light gauge strings - this makes the bass easier to play. Less pressure required to close the frets without buzz.

Anyway, I offloaded the orange neons from the Jet King and installed my half-rounds. It was like being re-introduced to an old friend. The sound is so smooth and full-bodied that I played for about four hours (off and on) on Sunday.

Four hours!! My poor RSI inflicted arms/hands were screaming at the end!! It felt like someone had taken a blowtorch to my arms!! But I was smiling the whole time. So good, the sound.

Since getting the Jet King, I haven't tried any other strings on it other than the DRs, so this was a great opportunity to see what would happen with something else.

Also, the un-coated strings give a rather industrial look to the bass - white bass, black fretboard, and chrome steel on the hardware and (now) strings.

I think I'll keep them on awhile. I'm a little stuck on the Funky in the PP song, but presuming I master it in the next little while, I may post a video with the half-rounds.

Bottom line - changing out the strings, whether to a different brand or a new style (flats to rounds, coated to un-coated, etc) can bring sagging motivation back to life. Strings are too expensive to do this every time you get a little blue, but one new set might be all it takes!!

Hmmm...I wonder how my Black Beauties would look on the JTK.

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