Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nancy Grace

My opinion is that Nancy Grace has no credibility. Anybody who calls the defendant in a death penalty murder trial by the name "tot mom" is acting very unprofessionally, and is just out for sensationalism and ratings.

If you have forgotten, she was once sued because a woman whose son went missing committed suicide after being interviewed by Grace. She settled the case by establishing a trust fund toward the cause of finding the missing boy. Good enough. But the point is that when giving her statements, Grace apparently asked that the court cameras be turned OFF, because she didn't want to be embarrassed by the spotlight.

And when sued by a former colleague for breach of contract over the Fox show they were planning together, she apparently refused to discuss the case in the media. The statement from her legal rep read: "Ms. Grace will respond in full, in court – not the media – and has great faith that the truth will come out."

Strange how she expects privacy and dignity for herself, but never seems to afford these things to others. She treats people like dirt. I would never want it on my conscience that somebody took their own life because of my poisonous treatment of them.

She fills the air with hate and it makes me wonder what it's like for her children. Are they living in a house weighted down by all this overwhelming negativity and toxicity? I hope I am wrong. I hope this isn't who she really is, and that this is just an act for television, and that she can shut it off like a light switch when she goes home at night. I hope her home is actually a place of love and positive energy.

But the catch is that if that is so, then I am right about the fact that she has no credibility, and that it's all about sensationalism.

Nancy Grace, make up your mind about the legacy you want to leave behind. Do you want to be remembered as a circus act – never to be taken seriously – or someone who is as true and real to the viewers as to those under your own roof?

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