Monday, 16 May 2011

Thunder Row - an introduction

I am a member of the bass guitar website, Thunder Row.

For students taking the DVD course, Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar, the Row is where we all hang and talk about basses, the lessons, gear, musicians we admire, etc.

I'm going to be posting material from the course on my website, and will be making observations.
In fact, there's going to be an entire section devoted to the bass and the lessons I'm taking.

I'm going slowly with the course - I am not taking it to become a professional musician.
It's just for love of bass, and to get some structure and understanding of the instrument of thunder.

If you choose to visit the TEACH ME BASS GUITAR website and make a purchase based on this information, I may receive a commission, but this has no bearing on my reviews of the course and/or its material.  I am simply an extremely satisfied student of TMBG and the opinions I give you about the course are my own.

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