Monday, 23 May 2011

End Of A Character

I'm watching HOUSE, one of my fave shows.  I'm sad to hear Lisa Edelstein will be leaving after tonight's show.  She's a great straight man - perfect foil to House.

The show's kinda losing steam, story-wise, but that's's been a great run and I have the collection on DVDs.  I understand they've just renewed for next year (sans Cuddy), so I think it will be the last season.

The last medical show that held my interest like this was Chicago Hope.  I never really got into the whole ER thing.  I much preferred Mandy Patinkin's character of Jeff Geiger than anything found on ER.

Geiger, like House, is such a great character that it makes the show itself better.  You need a really good lead guy.  That way, even if an individual story is a little weak, you still get to see your guy in action.
Think about "Crime Story" with Dennis Farina as Mike Torello.  Outstanding.

The show lost a little something when the story moved from Chicago to Vegas, but still - very great.  Plus I loved all the old cars!!!

I wrote a few words about it on Amazon (Canada).  Nothing heavy...just to say YAY!!!

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