Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Changeling

The Changeling - Movie review

If you ever get the chance, see this movie. Scary, moody, excellent music.

George C Scott and his wife, Trish Van Devere are both in it.

I know there's that Angelina Jolie movie of the same name that came out a while ago, but this one came out in 1980, long before Hollywood was drowning their babies with CGI.

PS...the font on the title of this blog post looks almost identical to the font on the DVD cover of the movie.

The movie is about John Russell, a musician/teacher who loses his family in a highway vehicle accident. As he moves out of the apartment and starts down the long road to healing, he takes out a lease on a big old house and moves in with the intention of focusing on his music.

But once he moves in, the powerful aura of his pain and grief serve as a beacon to the unsettled spirit of a young boy who died in the house and who now cries out to John to help him achieve a peace denied to him in life.

When John's investigation into the identity of the troubled spirit leads him to the local Senator, Joseph Carmichael, suspicions arise as to John's motives, and the Senator accuses John of trying to destroy his family's good name.

This movie has everything a haunted house movie should have! Creaking doors, pipes and plumbing that bang in the dead of night, seances, cobwebs and creepy attics.

Great cast, gorgeous locations, and mood, mood, MOOD!

Canadian film. Powerful and striking in all ways!

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